Yes, this is correct most of major banks do offer in-house mortgage advice through their branch network. (When you can get an appointment!) As they work for the one bank they can only offer advice on that banks range of products, they wouldn’t necessarily know that a “rival” might have a better deal as they are only trained on and can advise their own products. The banks also don’t offer a service of an advisor visiting you in your home at a time that is convenient, most shut at 5pm.

By law, the estate Agent has to put forward your offer on a property to their Vendor, the owners of the house. If you decided to use us to help you with your mortgage, or another mortgage broker, or even if got your mortgage advice from the Estate Agent partner they would still, by law, have to put your offer forward. There have been many media reports recently highlighting this shoddy practice.

Any company we recommend to you, any incentive they pay for us recommending their service will be disclosed to you fully and transparently. We only work with solicitors/surveyors/partners who we trust and would use ourselves. We are not motivated by just the ones who pay a commission. You are free to receive advice from whoever you wish and your offer on the property MUST be put forward. Many Estate Agent advisers work to a “panel” which in some cases can be quite limited, so if you do engage in their services please check that they are whole of market when comparing the service offered.

We do charge a fee for advice. Your initial consultation with an adviser will be totally free of charge. The fee is only payable if you decide to engage our services and instruct us to work for you to obtain a mortgage and you want to proceed with our recommendation. The fee charged will be fully disclosed to you and if you decide not to go ahead for any reason you will not be charged any fee. Yes, we do work for free!

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you whatever the situation. Any discussions with us are fully confidential and we treat our customers with respect and empathise with them in all cases. We are vastly experienced and have many clients who have found themselves in difficult positions and have been turned down for finance that we have been able to help. If we are unable to help, then we will say but we will always try our very best to assist everyone.

They are. Criteria needs to be met of course but banks are businesses and make a profit from mortgages, so they do want to lend. There are new lenders coming into the market and products are more innovative and flexible than they have ever been. We use the latest technology, and liaise with the lenders to ensure your application goes through as smoothly as possible, with minimal fuss and disruption to you.

The mortgage market is in constant and many innovative products come into the market to assist various buyers (Help To Buy, Family First, Shared Ownership) many products these days offer much more flexibility than years gone by. The “tie in” on any product will be fully discussed and explained to you before you decide to go ahead with it. There are lenders, who if applicable to your situation, could offer a product with no tie in at all.

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